SUMMER COMP DRAW 2016-2017 SUMMER COMP DRAW 2016-2017 (29 KB)


Age Divison Lady Cutler
Under 6 13a to 21b
Under 7 13a to 21b
Under 8 9a to 12b
Under 9 9a to 12b
Under 10-17 1-8 at Lady Cutler and HC 1 & 2

All aged
LC 1 to 8 and HC 1&2.
LC 2/3 & 4 may also be used for 9.00am matches or if WPSL teams are playing out of town.

Western Premier Soccer League - Home Fields

Club Field
Bathurst 75's Alec Lamerton Oval Bathurst
Canobolas Rangers Jack Brabham Oval Orange
Cowra Cowra
Dubbo F.C. Lady Cutler 2
Lithgow Lithgow Dog Track
Orange Waratahs Watatah Sports Fields
Orana Spurs Lady Cutler 4
Westside Lady Cutler 3